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Centurion is a fee-only firm. This means we don’t get paid by the companies behind the financial products or services we might recommend. Instead, our clients pay us a fair fee as we help them develop sound financial habits, avoid excessive debt, build and protect wealth, and enjoy the ability to give generously.

Life, Business, Purpose

Whether you are a business owner, young professional, or retiree, effective planning and management of money and life takes thought. We help you consider how your cash flow and assets integrate into your ideas of protection, growth, and stewardship.

Guiding Professionals & Business Owners To Financial Freedom

Business to maximize Personal Goals

Use your business to maximize personal goals.

Offloading Administrative Tasks

Spend time on value added activities by offloading administrative tasks.

Integrate life preferences with available cash flow and assets

Integrate life preferences with available cash flow and assets.

Work with a financial confidant that understands stewardship

Work with a financial confidant that understands stewardship.

Why Centurion

What makes Centurion different is our philosophy of empowering financial mastery and our approach of listening to the heart of our clients.








For us, that means you take what you do best, and what you’re known for, and you go share that with the people that need it the most.

The Third Bucket - Randy Brunson & Richard Cope

The Third Bucket

By: Randy Brunson & Richard Cope

A Parable of the Positive Impact of Giving Well

“The Third Bucket gave me a whole new perspective on living with a purpose. “
– John Jenkins Creative