Most business owners would say that they have their eyes set on the long game. The reality is that you as owner can become so involved with day-to-day operations; it is hard to find time to give thought to the long game.

Are these on your list of priorities?

  • Reducing taxes
  • Generating tax-efficient personal cash flow
  • Building a strong personal financial statement outside of business value
  • Managing a retirement plan
  • Debating whether you should sell the business, or hold long-term for cash flow

Now, before determining the “how-to”, let’s think about your “why.”

What defines “success” in your long game? What inspired your business? Do you own a family business? What is your vision for it?

Use your story as a sounding board. It’ll give you a sense of calmness, confidence, and clarity throughout the process, and help you think through the challenging decisions below:

Cash Flow Allocation

Should I pull funds personally?  Or set aside for business growth?  Or for taxes?  Or for retirement plan?  Or buy back shares from silent partners?

Personal Investments

  • How do I make sure that my family is prepared financially when I am out of the picture?
  • Which retirement plan is best suited for my business given its business lifecycle?
  • How do I give well? Make a difference in the world? Have a meaningful impact?

Business Longevity

  • How do I prepare the next generation for leadership?
  • Or prepare the financials for a sale to an external buyer?
  • Or use the business to build a strong personal financial statement.
  • Or transfer both business interests and values to the next generation of company leadership?

These are the questions where we can lend our expertise and experience. We are your resource.  A sounding board.  That extra set of eyes and ears. . . We want to help you multiply your effort, and ultimately, live from a place of stewardship and abundance.