By taking into consideration every aspect of your financial story, Centurion Advisory Group has the rare ability to empower you to reach a level of financial freedom that many people will never achieve.  This comprehensive set of services was born out of the knowledge that our clients want to integrate their life, business, and purpose and that cant be done by managing these different aspects of your life independently. 

Financial Planning and Other Services in Atlanta

You are more than just your financial situation

Financial Planing

We look at your sources and uses of cash flow and make recommendations on how to apply it to reach your goals.

We evaluate risks, including risks to life, income, and property, and make recommendations to protect your entire financial statement.

We look at ways to reduce income, property, and estate taxes.

We offer assistance in creating a family legacy, which often includes the transfer of values and assets to family. It may also include the transfer of some assets to charity, as well as teaching succeeding generations how to give well.

We believe in purposeful engagement with our clients through annual reviews and management of major life events. Our process is thorough, such that if at any time you say “what should I do about…?”, we can offer insight, you can take action, and you can be at peace with your situation.

We have a specialty in charitable gift planning, especially when it comes to giving appreciated assets.  And even more especially when it comes to giving privately held appreciated assets, such as income producing real estate, and shares of privately held company stock. These planning approaches have significant tax benefits, and even greater transformational benefits, as donors embrace the role of steward rather than owner.

Investment Management

Investment decisions to achieve your needs, wants, and goals

Investment Management

• Manage investment portfolios and prepare quarterly reports
• Manage Private and Commercial Property Assets
• Negotiate offers and assist with transaction
• Handle property tax appeals
• Manage alternative investments (oil interests, natural gas interests, or timber)

Administrative & Business Services

Use your business to maximize personal wealth

 Administrative & Business Services

Bill pay
P&L and Balance Sheet prep

Budget preparation
Cash flow and tax projections
Financial performance trend analysis

Tax Planning
Plan for tax deposit
Design retirement plans
Evaluate tax reduction strategies


We would enjoy the opportunity to sit down and listen, plan and create your path to financial freedom.