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Retirement Planning for Your Business

How Do You Feel When Looking at Your Corporate Books?

  • Are you frustrated by the amount of taxes you pay?
  • Are you disappointed with your retirement plan experience?
  • Are you accumulating cash and aren’t sure what to do with it?
  • Are you prepared for a future beyond your business?

We Aim to Fully Understand Your Situation and Simplify Your Planning

  • We help identify strategies that best suit your situation.
  • We offer plan analysis, design, and execution management.
  • We help you create and implement a succession plan that reflects the legacy you want to leave.

In short, as a fee-only fiduciary, you can trust us keeping your best interest in mind when we help you plan and implement employer sponsored plans, and other investments.

You might think of us as admin, manager of books, or even advisor to reducing tax & risks. But we want a relationship with you that goes beyond numbers.

We care about what’s important to you outside of money. We aim to walk alongside of you and be there for you when you face challenges of life.
If you want to become better stewards of what you’ve been given or have, we are the guide who you can always rely on.

What is it like to work with CAG

Set Your Eyes on the Long Game

Just like the common saying “it’s not how much you make, but what you make of it,” the first step to any financial advisory is to draw a clear line between what you need and what you want to achieve.

What do you want to make of the assets entrusted to you?

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We commit ourselves in building close relationships. We are by your side, so you can leave a legacy of generosity, and live out your strong sense of purpose.

If you want to take a step today, we’d love to hear from you.

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