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The Best Stewardship Financial Planning in Atlanta

Our Philosophy – it’s what defines us

We believe that everyone, with sound advice, can experience financial mastery. We believe that living out one’s purpose requires a team of professionals.

For that reason, we are also part of the fastest growing community of industry professionals in the state, Georgia Manufacturing Alliance.

We believe that prudent financial stewardship is built around five core principles:

• Spend less than you earn
• Avoid the use of debt
• Build liquidity
• Set long-term goals
• Give generously


Approach – it’s what sets us apart

The Centurion Collaborative Process encourages full engagement.  The focus and goal is complete integration of personal preference, purpose, and lifestyle goals with the cash flow and assets available.  This has been referred to as comprehensive wealth management, or comprehensive life planning, and this approach is at the core of our culture.


We believe that serving our clients well requires complete collaboration and engagement. The clients who benefit most are looking for a long term partnership, and choose to be fully involved and engaged in their own future.


We have developed a time-tested process that starts with truly understanding the heart of our clients.  This means understanding your vision of success, and your desires, dreams, and goals, as we help you oversee the present, and prepare for the future.

Fee Structure

Centurion is a fee-only firm, meaning we sell no financial products. This approach offers complete alignment with our clients, and allows us to offer objective advice and input. It allows us to avoid the conflicts of interest inherent in the sale of financial products.


Randy Brunson
Sandra LeRoux
Stephanie Sandridge


In 2006 Randy Brunson teamed up with Charlie Reavis to form Centurion Advisory Group, with the firm belief that a fee-only approach was the best way to serve clients. As a result, Centurion Advisory Group was founded to offer clients a place to focus on the integration of life, money, and purpose without the conflict of commission based products and services. Centurion Advisory Group is paid solely by clients.  The company’s focus in on offering advice, planning, and investment management services in a way which allows clients to feel as if they have mastered the use of money, have the freedom to enjoy life, and the desire to live with purpose. Throughout the years, the professionals who are part of the CAG team have helped families and individuals develop sound financial habits, avoid excessive debt, build and maintain strong cash reserves, co-create meaningful long term personal and business plans, and enjoy the gift of generous giving.  The collaboration between the CAG professionals and clients has led to a strong track record of clients reaching and living out meaningful life goals.

Centurion Advisory Group History

Centurion Advisory Group

What’s in a letter?


complete; including all or nearly all elements or aspects of something:

“We take a 360 degree approach to working with our clients. Some refer to it as Comprehensive Life Planning. While Investment Management matters, it can only be done well in the context of the (texture?) (warp and woof?) of life, and how each household interacts with cash flow and assets.” – Randy Brunson

[key-puh-buh l]

 able to achieve efficiently whatever one has to do; competent:

“Technical competence is a given, and interpersonal skills are critical. We insist on both among our staff. All of our team members are expected to be continuously engaged in professional education and personal development, with the CFP designation as the minimum requirement for those giving advice. This gives us the technical expertise needed to serve clients well. Personal development allows us to focus on serving others first.” – Randy Brunson


displaying kindness and concern for others; serious attention; protection:

“What would any of us say about ourselves, when trying to add something to the word “caring”? You matter, whether we ever work together or not. Our hope for you is a life marked by freedom, hope, and joy.” – Randy Brunson