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Oil Patch Economy

Oil Patch Economy It seems as if some dude or group of dudes going to guns against innocents is part of the white noise of our culture. And, it doesn’t seem to matter whether they’ve allowed themselves to be radicalized by weird forms of religious extremism, have brains muddled by drugs, legal [...]

Job Growth

Job Growth for Life and Business The big question for the week is whether the FOMC will choose to raise interest rates. Observations are mixed, with some commentators suggesting they will, and others suggesting otherwise. We have long believed, and maintain this position, that they won’t raise rates during the current administration. [...]


Taxpayers & The American Opportunity Tax Credit Whiner boy Shkreli claims he was targeted by authorities over hikes in drug prices, according to an interview with the Wall Street Journal. Arrogance can kick your butt, especially when you don’t have the good sense to pay off the right people. Even then, you [...]

Reflecting on 2015

Reflecting on 2015 Casual Observations This is a casual observation, not based on any scientific research but…this seems to be the first year that retailers really felt the impact of online buying. Consumers will still go to the stores to touch, feel, look at and listen to products, and to some extent, [...]